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Brilliant new water Treadmill facility at the Curragh Water Treadmill. We took Pepper today for a walk session. Low impact exercise in an Epsom Salt/Salt mix at 2 degrees.We haven't used one of these before so it was all new. Alan took charge (thankfully!!) to make sure the horse had a very calm and confident introduction. Step 1 – walk the horse through a couple times to get acquainted with the treadmill – all fine 👌Step 2 – start treadmill without water to allow them to get used to the motion. It probably took a minute for coordination to kick in and then fine 👌Step 3 – slowly add water until eventually it is up to approx hock height. 30 seconds later and she was powering along.Sessions are short 15-20 minutes as it is Hard work! Amazing to see how much they have to flex their joints and work across their backs. This will definitely be adding this as part of the weekly program 👍Thank you so much to Hettie and Alan for being so welcoming and helpful 😁

Posted by Redhills Stud • Livery & Training on Sunday, November 17, 2019

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