Any form of rehabilitation usually involves controlled exercise and getting the horses strength up so that they can progress. We provide a safe solution on the Water Treadmill. Horses will enter the treadmill while it is motionless and free of water. The horse will begin to walk as the Treadmill belt begins to move. Slowly once the horse is walking in a rhythm the water level will begin to rise. As part of a pre-set the water will stop once it reaches a level where it is at the horse’s knees and hocks. This helps the horse so that they are walking at a consistent pace and not landing on a hard surface which will reduce the stress on the horse’s joints.

The water is set to 2 degrees and includes both Epsom and Natural Salts which is good to reduce swelling and inflammation. Fitted with an extra high door for safety, the horse will also have a belt placed in front and behind them while a person will be holding the horse at all times, there to calm any high spirited horses while the continuous walking of the treadmill helps horses to focus and relax.

Different from swimming a horse, the Water Treadmill can still provide a full body workout and the horse can be placed on the treadmill in full tack. The water will reduce concussion on the joints to allow for safe strengthening and support to the limbs while also tightening up the core muscles. The temperature of the water provides a natural massage and cooling effect for horses recovering from different leg problems. While building up strength and naturally improving respiration, use of the water treadmill can also benefit the natural top line of a horses back.

Benefits of the Curragh Equine Water Treadmill

  • Tendon and joints issues

  • Leg problems

  • Core Muscles, Strength

  • Respiratory Health

  • Topline

  • Kissing Spine

  • Back Problems / Weak Hindquarters

  • Stifle Weakness

  • Bone Damage ie. Sore Shins & Splints

  • Overall Fitness without concussion