One of the most important stages of a horse’s life is when they are being broken in. It is important to get the horse understanding what they are being asked to do and educating them by teaching them in the right way from day one. Starting with lunging and long reining it is important that your horse gets a good mouth and trust in their rider from the start. Moving along to getting them ready to progress to starting faster work and cantering upsides on a gallop and ready to move forward to their trainer.


Each horse is an individual and as such can take a varying amount of time to get ready, some may be returning after injury and trainers might not have the space in their yard until the horse has progressed to a certain level of fitness. We tailor each horses programme to suit their needs. Event rider and showjumper Sue Shortt works with horses at varying levels of flat work to get them moving well and giving them a strong topline. We also include hill work, schooling and getting them cantering steady on the gallop. Ready to progress to faster work.


Alan Fleming

Breaking / Pre-Training 

Cheltenham winner trainer Alan has now turned his attention to Breaking and Pre-Training young stock. Alan will work with youngstock teaching them the right way forward from the start. Making sure that a horse is thought properly from the begining is important for their future career. Alan will be taking horses along, teaching them until they are cantering away upsides and ready to progress to their full training regime

Sue Shortt

Flat Work and  Schooling 

Former Olympic Eventer and Showjumper Sue Shortt will be working with horses as needed riding horses for flatwork and schooling. Getting horses moving through proper flatwork helps their balance, stride and giving the horse a strong topline.