Welcome to the website of the Curragh Water Treadmill

The Curragh Water Treadmill is a medication free therapy, providing a quicker recovery than other treatments while maintaining a horses fitness levels


Hettie Rowcliffe

Curragh Water Treadmill

Having extensive experience in all things equine and a background in Dressage and Horseracing. Hettie previously owned the Curragh Therapeutic Spa and now manages the Curragh Water Treadmill.

Alan Fleming

Breaking / Pre-Training 

Cheltenham winner trainer Alan has now turned his attention to Breaking and Pre-Training young stock. Alan will work with youngstock teaching them the right way forward from the start. Making sure that a horse is thought properly from the begining is important for their future career. Alan will be taking horses along, teaching them until they are cantering away upsides and ready to progress to their full training regime

Sue Shortt

Flat Work and  Schooling 

Former Olympic Eventer and Showjumper Sue Shortt will be working with horses as needed riding horses for flatwork and schooling. Getting horses moving through proper flatwork helps their balance, stride and giving the horse a strong topline.